Lore (part 2)

Spawnlings: The Soul Hunt ๐Ÿงช๐Ÿ’€

Since they've spawned in our realm the Spawnlings took charge of the mortal's world, although most of those creatures preferred to stay low-key and influence important events from the shadows.

The different Spawnlings formed separate fractions amongst them:

  • The Common

  • The Beasts

  • The Obelisks

  • The Zombies

  • The Skeletals

  • Icy Spawnlings

  • The Galactic/Celestials And the rarest but most powerful - Serpents

The Spawnlings found Earth fun for their games, but more importantly they found the mortal realm full of Souls to devour, souls that the Spawnlings use to transcend and receive special abilities. The different fractions competed against one another for them.

Humans were the only creatures that the Grand Architect granted Souls to, though mortals knew nothing about the power they possess... but they soon will.

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