Lore (part 1)

Beyond the Veil: The Summoning of the Spawnling ๐Ÿงช๐Ÿ’€

History tells of hidden cults in ancient Sumer - sorcerers, witches and alchemists practicing occult magic. They were searching for the philosopher's stone, which they believed would grant supernatural powers and immortality to whoever possessed it.

For years, generation after generation, they searched for the missing link. They knew that ancient beings from another realm had visited humanity thousands of years ago.

The first such being was a serpent-like creature, who came to the first humans, known as Adam and Eve, and granted them knowledge they did not have before.

The cults believed that this serpent possessed the knowledge they were searching for and so they attempted to summon it. Dozens of magic-wielding mortals gathered and performed a ritual, which after countless tries finally spawned this being in our realm.

The mortals foolishly believed they could extract knowledge from it and even control it, but instead, the Spawnling, as they called it, swiftly enslaved some and eliminated the others.

The enslaved ones were forced to summon more of these Spawnling creatures. Although the task was extremely difficult, as it required channeling celestial magic, they were able to spawn more of them.

The Spawnlings consumed the souls of the mortal occultists and then completely wiped out all of them.

With them gone, the knowledge of the Spawnlings inhabiting Earth was lost as well. Only myths of angels, demons, celestials, anunaki, blood-thirsty emperors and pharaohs with magical abilities remained... these were myths planted by the Spawnlings in ancient tablets to fool humans of their true origin... all for their own amusement. It is believed that these Spawnlings still exist today, hidden in the shadows, playing games with mortal souls for nothing more but fun and pleasure.

Do you believe those tales, mortal, or is it just a myth? If it is true, what are these Spawnlings doing on our planet and, more importantly, what do they plan to do?

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