General overview & Tokenomics

$SOULS token supply: 1 Billion

The $SOULS token is a community token that can only be generated by staking your Spawnling NFT (for more info on this return to the previous page named "Staking v1").

  • 1 Staked Spawnling generates 10 $SOULS per week.

Assuming all 2222 NFTs are not listed, thus eligible for an airdrop - the $SOULS released to holders on a weekly basis is 22,220 $SOULS. As we add new NFTs under the project umbrella we may increase the amount of tokens that get distributed for for Spawnlings.

$SOULS (current) utilties include:

  • Raffles

  • Purchasing assets from the Spawnlings Treasury

  • Discounted (or entirely Free) mints for future Spawnling umbrella NFT projects in exchange of X amount of $SOULS

The $SOULS token is NOT planned to be added to any liquidity pool. It is strictly forbidden for anyone adding the token to any liquidity pool, if that happens the $SOULS will incur a clawback and can be considered lost/returned to the community treasury.

Further $SOULS utilities to be introduced at later stage.

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